5 Reasons Why You Should Sample Your Product

Your consumers have seen the ads and read the reviews, but there’s one more thing you can do: give your consumers an actual taste of your product. Here’s why sampling can work wonders for your brand:

  1. Increased sales

Put simply, data shows sampling has been proven to boost sales by up to 2000%. The likelihood of a consumer to purchase a product after receiving a sample range between 20% – 90%. Source: fmcg.ieShopify

  1. Try before you buy

This old adage is sampling in a nutshell! Sampling negates any purchase risk, and consumers can be confident they will enjoy the product. Trying before purchasing introduces your product to new customers, allowing them to experience it before investing time and spending money.

3. Word of mouth

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers will believe a recommendation from friends and family over any other type of advertising. Sampling makes good use of this by allowing the consumer to experience the product without the risk of disappointment of not getting their money’s worth. This in turn can allow the consumer to talk to their friends and family about a free sample they received at an event, on the way home or at their local super market. Source: Forbes

  1. A real point of difference

Sampling sets your brand apart from the competition by giving your brand a face and a taste! Consumers can more readily identify with your product, because sampling gives additional touch points and builds distinctiveness, as well as context for usage occasions.

  1. Added value

Sampling adds value to your product and gives valuable insight through instant feedback from consumers. Brand ambassadors can ask simple, open-ended questions to gain valuable information on taste, pricing, how and when the product may be used, and who the product will be shared with. This information can be used both within the business and shared with agencies to assist in product development, advertising and media planning.

Whether you are mass sampling at an event, greeting commuters during peak hour at train stations, or creating a welcome break during a mundane grocery shop with an in-store demo, everyone loves a free sample of a product.

At Eventurous, our brand ambassadors are briefed on your product, brand, and your business objectives, and trained in making the sampling experience contextual and impactful.

Find out more about us and what we can do for you at www.eventurous.net

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