Sharing wisdom from 17 years in business

Seventeen. It’s the magical age of transition, and one to remember with affection. For a business, turning seventeen is a milestone. It marks almost two decades of experience, and a time to reflect on wisdom gained through the years.

Here’s 5 things we have learned about running a successful business since kicking off in 2002.

1. Love what you do

As the saying goes, love your job and you will never work a day in your life. When you love what you do, you have purpose and passion. These two things are what you need to fuel your days. Some days will be incredible, others will be a hard slog. But purpose and passion augment the highs and help get you through the inevitable tougher times.

2. Hire the right employees

Your employees create the culture of your business, and your purpose and passion will set the tone. Because your employees are advocates for your business, you want them to share your passion.

Listen to potential employees to see what they aspire to be. If these elements align with what your business does, you will make a great team. Most importantly, always treat staff the way you want to be treated.

“I have always said you are not just a number when working at Eventurous,” says Eventurous Director Michelle Harrington. “I believe working together as a team with employees brings the best results for our clients.”

Employees will be your mirror so work together with them, mentoring them to grow and achieve. Their loyalty is worth your every effort.

3. Provide great service, always

If there’s one magic ingredient to a successful business, it’s delighting your customers. Whether they are a long-standing client, a casual repeat, or a new customer, delighting them must be the aim. Meeting needs is the baseline, and appreciating your customer’s custom is what a successful business does.

Work closely and partner with your customers to feel what they feel. By offering the best quality service, always, your customers will feel the love and come back for more.

4. Build quality working relationships with both customers & employees 

Reliability and trust are two values every business needs as part of their foundation, both internally and externally.

Creating solid working relationships underpins success, and being reliable and trustworthy builds a solid foundation to win. This is true for your customers and your employees. You need to set the standard by working on your business relationships every day, ensuring you are delivering what’s required of you. Only then can you expect the same in return.

5. Hard work pays off

We wish it were otherwise, but nothing will bring success without hard work! This entails working smartly, and digging deep when required. Tenacity, commitment and resilience will keep you on track, much like a well-trained athlete.

Michelle Harrington says, “Running a successful business requires hard work. Like anything in life, you have to put in the hard work to make it successful.”

Running your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. To be successful, you need purpose, strong relationships, understanding and effort. By nurturing your business, you will reap what you sow – a successful business.

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