Why finding the right Brand Ambassador is crucial for the success of your next experiential event, sampling & brand activation.

The branding is perfect. So is the marketing campaign, and the months of planning every detail for your brand’s experiential event are about to launch! You know everyone is going to love your brand, and to share this love, you’re inviting your target audience to experience your brand for themselves.

So, what comes next?

Brand ambassadors are the key to an incredible brand activation, sampling, experiential event or launch.

Here’s three reasons why:

  1. First impressions can only be made once

Brand ambassadors are the face of your brand. They are the first to show and talk about your brand with your target audience. Brand ambassadors who share your brand have the chance to make a meaningful impression with your target audience and pique their interest in the product or service you are promoting or sampling

  1. Making your campaign memorable

Brand ambassadors bring your brand to life by sharing experiences with your target audience. The right brand ambassadors can engage with your ideal consumers in an enjoyable and unforgettable way, this in turn leaving them with a long-lasting impression to remember your brand

  1. Brand values brought to life

Brand ambassadors share your brand’s values directly and indirectly with your target audience, because they embody your brand values. They share your brand message with your target audience, as they embody your brand values and deliver key points of brand communication to your consumers

At Eventurous, we hand pick our brand ambassadors to ensure their experience and values align with your brand. This way, your target audience experiences meaningful and engaging brand activations every time.

Contact Eventurous to book your next activation with our outstanding brand ambassadors!


Managing Director:
Michelle Harrington
E: michelle@eventurous.net
M: 0419 327 647

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